Thursday, October 20, 2011

Peluang Kerjaya Jurutera Kapal Terbang

Peluang kerjaya seorang jurutera kapal terbang amat cerah sekali. Mereka yang kurang memahami, akan menggangap kerja jurutera kapal terbang terhad kepada tugas memperbaiki kapal sahaja. Sebenarnya bidang itu luas and menrangkumi beberapa sektor. Di bawah di paparkan beberapa sektor yang memberi peluang kerja kepada jurutera kapal terbang.

a. Syarikat penerbangan

b. MRO - syarikat memperbaiki kapal.

c. pembuat kapal terbang atau alatannya.

d. syarikat latihan

e. Jabatan penerbangan awam.

A. Jobs in airlines

Most airlines are approved to maintain their own aircrafts. A department or division is created to handle the maintenance work. This division is further divided into the following functional areas. Each of the areas will have the presence of aircraft engineer:

- base maintenance - the perform the higher checks on the aircrafts.

- Line maintenance - handle the maintenance of the aircrafts at the lines stations.

- planning department - responsible to plan of the maintenance work on the aircraft. Some of the components used on the aircraft will require long lead time to manufacture or repair. For example, the landing gear will need to be overhaul when it reach a certain cycles of operation.

- quality department - This is a compulsory department that cannot be outsourced. Its main function is to ensure that the aircrafts are safe and airworthy. This is done by making sure that the aircrafts are maintained in according to the maintenance schedule and the required service bulletins and the airwothiness notices. the other critical areas are to ensure that the spares are obtained from the correct resources.

- Training section - The airline may decide to train their own personnel

Other sectors beside the airlines can offer satisfying career opportunities.

B. MRO - Maintenance and Repair Organisation

There are some companies which are set solely for the purpose of maintaining aircrafts or the components. The scope of jobs have to be approved by the local aviation authorities. A company can be approved to maintain a specified types of aircraft, like B747- 400 registered in a specific countries. There are also companies approved to maintain a certain type of components such as landing gear.

C. Manufacturing

The manufacturing of aircraft components or parts is controlled by the civil aviation authority. The design has to be approved through a design approval. Manufacturing of bigger components such as engine or propellers have to have the type certificate. You can find the data on type certificate for most aircrafts in the internet.


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